A Bend in the River

Directed by bestselling author Colin Broderick.

Starring Madison Square-winning boxer-turned-actor John Duddy (Emerald City), IFTA-nominated Kathy Kiera Clarke (Derry Girls) and John Connors (Cardboard Gangsters), the semi-autobiographical story follows struggling writer Matt Donnelly (Duddy), who returns from New York to Northern Ireland for the first time in 25 years.

Matt faces the ghosts of his past (Clarke); an abusive teacher, his dead mother, and his childhood best friend, who sacrificed an easier life to stay at home and fight during The Troubles.

The film opens with some beautifully lush shots of Irish countryside, green enough to make any expat weep.

A Bend in The River is a film which delves deep into the emotional landscape of re-visiting the past and demonstrates the effects of a landscape on a psyche.

2020 | 1h 25min | Drama

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