Baby Done

A lightly humorous look at impending parenthood, Baby Done finds laughs — and moments of genuine honesty — in a life-altering event.

When Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim (Matthew Lewis) find out they are having a baby, they resolve to not let parenthood change them.

Tim runs towards being a dad, while Zoe runs away from being a mum.

Terrified that her life won’t be her own anymore, Zoe is still determined to tick off a list of their wildest dreams before the baby arrives.

Zoe’s increasing denial about her impending birth pushes her, and her relationship, to the limit.

Tinder-dry delivery bolsters the film’s gentle humour, and while the momentum sags a little in the second half, the natural chemistry between Matafeo and Lewis keeps the audience invested and the story very relatable.

Disarmingly funny, emotionally truthful.

2020 | 1h 31min | Comedy

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