The Goonies

The Goonies is very nostalgic, fun and filled with a lot of adventure! A great film to enjoy with family and friends!

When two brothers find out they might lose their house they are desperate to find a way to keep their home. They find a treasure map and bring some friends along to find it. They are all out looking for the “X” and trying to get away from a group of bad guys who also want the treasure.

You’re reminded of what it was like, as a child, to trust in wishing wells and, without thinking very much about it, switch from walking along to skipping.

“The Goonies” is an entertaining film and has a cult following of teens from the ’80s, who remember the film well. Adults will enjoy watching it with their children, since it’s a more subdued family film than what comes out today.

1985 | PG | 1h 54m | Adventure, Comedy, Family