If film geometry were a field of study, then this supremely aesthetic “figure” from Brazil would deserve special attention.

A sports drama and fanciful “body thriller” in one, the film tells the story of Marina, who competes in synchronized diving events.

However, she is plagued by a sudden attack of tinnitus — an unbearable ringing sound in her ears — a condition which drags her from the top of her game down into the depths.

She has to trade her diving board for a job in a public aquarium where, dressed as a mermaid, she adds a bit of color for visitors to the exotic attraction.

Yet the path to fulfilling her sporting dream isn’t entirely closed off to her…

Is it possible to escape the madness when your own body doesn’t give you any respite?

And can you achieve your greatest ambitions if you are tormented by amplified senses?

Drama, Horror, Sport
Brazil (Portuguese, Japanese)
1h 45min