Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Suitably silly, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story spoofs the standard biopic formula with all the good-natured abandon fans will expect.

Daniel Radcliffe is “Weird Al” Yankovic in the unexaggerated true story about the greatest musician and sex symbol of our time. With Evan Rachel Wood and Rainn Wilson.

The reality of a rock star’s story is often more sobering than the fantasy built around them. Whether that’s true of Yankovic may be revealed in another work. He’s in control of this one, and we’ll happily laugh along.

Daniel Radcliffe is fully liberated and hugely entertaining as Yankovic in a film that abandons recognisable reality for crackpot set pieces that imagine the biographical origins of hits such as Eat It, Another One Rides the Bus and Like a Surgeon.

TV Movie | 2022 | TV-14 | 1h 48m | Biography, Comedy, Music